Equitable Lead Poisoning Prevention Policy: Racial Equity Impact Analysis

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Principal


Gathered and assessed extensive data on disparities in lead poisoning and prevention efforts. Developed detailed recommendations to close equity gaps in the City of Oakland and County of Alameda’s joint programmatic efforts.

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CITY OF OAKLAND PRESS RELEASE Announcing Release of Report & City Council’s Approval of a new Equity-Based Lead Program (December 21, 2021)

“The impetus for the Equity Impact Analysis was to provide a framework for how to allocate $24 million to the City of Oakland and Alameda County from a settlement with the lead paint industry. In 2001, the City of Oakland, Alameda County were among 10 cities and counties that sued the lead paint industry for knowingly selling and marketing their products as safe, despite knowing the significant health risks of lead, especially for children. The landmark litigation resulted in a $305 million settlement; $24 million was allocated to the City of Oakland and Alameda County, which share jurisdiction.

On December 21, the Oakland City Council authorized a Memorandum of Understanding, which was also authorized by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors on December 16, 2021, allocating 60% ($14 million) of the settlement funds to the City of Oakland to fund lead poisoning prevention services within the City and 40% of the funds ($9.6 million) to fund lead poisoning prevention services within Alameda County but outside of Oakland. The City will receive 20% ($4.8 million) now to fund development of an Equity-Based Lead Program to implement the recommendations outlined in the Equity Impact Analysis.

UC Climate Resilience Planning Initiative

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Principal

Colin Miller, Senior Associate

Equity & Engagement Facilitators

Developed a step-by-step guide for UC campuses and medical centers detailing how to accomplish climate resilience planning centered in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Leading the organization and facilitation of multiple climate resilience planning workshops for each UC location (17 various locations: 10 Campuses, 5 Medical Centers, UCOP, and ANR) with state and local community leaders to identify local vulnerabilities and potential actions for improving resilience.

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias and Colin Miller co-authored the framework with Aryeh Shell of Thrive Consulting and Janika McFeely, Robin Hawker, and Lisa Westerhoff of Integral.
Framework available by request.

Connected Communities Focus Groups

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Colin Miller, Aitran Doan & Tran Lam

Focus Group Design & Facilitation

Hosted focus groups with struggling utility customers in Alameda County in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Cantonese. Prepared detailed program recommendations based on our findings.

Read our Final Report (click on image above).

Community Climate Solutions

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Principal

Climate Equity & Engagement Advisor

Developed community listening sessions for San Leandro residents to inform local, regional, and state climate policy.

Oakland 2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Principal

Colin Miller, Senior Associate (Coordinator – Oakland Climate Action Coalition)

David Jaber, Director of Optimization – Blue Star Integrative Studio

Equity Facilitators

2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan (ECAP)

Led a robust and equitable community engagement process to develop community priorities for the plan, reaching over 5,000 Oaklanders. The ECAP and REIA were unanimously adopted by Oakland City Council on July 28, 2020.

Racial Equity Impact Assessment & Implementation Guide (REIA)

Gathered and assessed data on disparities in Oakland identifying the City’s frontline communities. Provided detailed recommendations for maximizing benefits to frontline communities throughout Plan implementation.

This short video is a brief overview of our Racial Equity Impact Assessment & Implementation Guide.

Oakland 2030

Developed Oakland 2030 website: hosted our online climate action survey (received over 800 responses), a portal to leave comments directly on the draft plan, and announcements for upcoming events.


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CalEnviroScreen: A Critical Tool for Achieving Environmental Justice in California

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Principal

Contributing Author

Co-authored manual for policymakers on using CalEnviroScreen to create equitable policies that protect overburdened communities and direct much-needed resources to disadvantaged areas.

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias co-authored the environmental justice policy manual with the California Environmental Justice Alliance’s Tiffany Eng, Green Zones Program Manager and Amy Vanderwarker, then Senior Program Strategist.

Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Principal

Member, Board of Directors

Member, Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund

Oversee foundation governance and award small grants for community-based environmental Science, education, and advocacy.

West Oakland AB 617 Community Action Plan: Owning Our Air

Marybelle Nzegwu Tobias, Principal

Steering Committee Co-Facilitator

Co-facilitated a consensus-based, community-led planning process that resulted in the development of the Owning Our Air plan, which seeks to reduce air pollution disparities in West Oakland.