E / J Solutions believes that environmental justice is achieved through democratic, community-oriented processes.


We assess legal requirements and provide policy recommendations. Let us help you take proactive measures to comply with state and federal environmental and civil rights laws and create robust environmental justice policies.

  • Environmental Justice Elements and Policies in General Plans
  • Title VI Compliance
  • Community Benefit Agreements
  • Climate Plans & Investments


We provide demographic analysis that matters. All too frequently, numbers and statistics don’t tell the full story. Using our broad networks and contacts in communities across California, E / J Solutions quickly identifies, meets with, and establishes relationships with local community groups. We ascertain priority community concerns and gather fine-grained information on the socioeconomic and public health impacts of a proposed project or policy.


We deliver detailed recommendations for shaping initiatives to best meet community needs. Programs and policies must be specifically designed to meet the needs of disadvantaged communities or else they will not confer tangible or meaningful benefits on those communities. E / J Solutions will help hone initiatives for equitable outcomes and will identify important indicators and metrics for guidance and accountability during project implementation.


We optimize the community engagement process. When community engagement does not occur early and often, it may not yield robust results. E / J Solutions will help you identify the tools and methods that will enable robust, democratic, community engagement and public participation.


We advocate environmental justice policies (written and in-person) before regulatory agencies. In addition to straightforward research and writing, E / J Solutions can help you understand the policy landscape and build your advocacy network.