Community and Data Driven

Equity Impact Assessments. Aggregate, evaluate, and ground-truth existing data to identify over-burdened/under-served areas and provide recommendations to close equity gaps.

Equitable Program/Policy Development. Hone initiatives to maximize equitable outcomes. Develop equity performance indicators and metrics for guidance and accountability during implementation. 


From the Ground Up

Foster innovation to end reliance on destructive practices, support the creation of local abundance, and catalyze nature’s regenerative capacity.

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Meaningful and Participatory

Skilled Facilitation. Design and execute participatory and consensus-oriented decision-making processes that foster effective collaboration while ensuring engaging, well-organized, and timely community meetings.

Inclusive Language Services. Provide translation, real-time interpretation, and in-language facilitation with fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Italian. 

Robust Documentation. Deliver clear and concise notetaking that synthesizes meeting outcomes and highlights key issues.

Grassroots Support. Provide technical and other support to grassroots community-led groups.